Saturday, April 1, 2017

Breeder Group Meeting at the World Cup

Yesterday at this time I was in a breakfast meeting with sport horse breeders at the World Cup, organized by the US Sport Horse Breeders Association. It was delightful to meet with breeders, talk horses, and discuss the issues facing the industry. It was even better to feel a bit of optimism in the air, even enthusiasm.

A group of about 25 breeders got together, talked horses, and were treated to breakfast by the USSHBA Board. Mornings at the World Cup are quiet, and it was a perfect time to meet up. The breeders present had different levels of experience, and different sizes of breeding operations, but a common interest in connecting with others. They immediately jumped in to discuss their experiences. Individuals compared notes on various topics from bloodlines to leg wraps. One was overheard to say, "I've learned two things from this group already, and breakfast hasn't even started."

Thanks to the USSHBA, and especially Natalie DiBerardinis of Hilltop Farm, for breakfast, and - even more - for organizing this wonderful opportunity for breeders to network.

Left to right, back row: Natalie DiBerardinis (Hilltop Farm),  Lynn Mason, Kathy Childs (Crooked Post Farm), Karen Schumaker, Joanna Gray-Randle (Gray Horse Dressage),  Kelly Irving-Burris, Dawn Spencer (Spencer Sporthorses, LLS), Randy Joslyn and her husband Rick ("I drive the truck").
Left to right, front row: Michele Sakurai, Shirley, Debbie D, Karen Bixler-Ramsing, Victoria Teeple-Clark, Anna Goebel, Deborah Davenport (Fox Run Farm), Mary O'Connor.

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