Friday, August 4, 2017

WarmbloodStallionsNA New Website to Launch September 1

The new, set to launch September 1, is part of an exciting new approach to stallion promotion just introduced by Warmblood Stallions of North America. The innovative 3-Way Network uses three different platforms to put stallions "out there" in front of breeders: the redesigned, the WarmbloodStallionsNA Facebook page, and the Warmblood Breeding e-Newletter.

Says owner and website developer Anna Goebel, "We're pretty excited! Yes, our new design is cleaner and more modern, but the best part is that it goes even further to put our stallions, our breeding farms, and our other businesses front and center. At, our focus is North American stallions and the breeding farms that make up our industry.

"If you're a breeder, there will be eye-candy galore! Our front-page stallion slide-show is bigger than ever, and the front page is also filled with news announcements about stallions and breeding farms, as well as articles and information tailored to the breeding industry. Our enhanced Stallion Profile pages will provide detailed info and photos of each stallion, including pedigree and offspring photos. You can even email the stallion owner right from the page!

"If you're a stallion owner, you'll find new advertising packages that combine website, Facebook and e-News advertising in combinations that are practical and cost-effective. Our new 3-Way Network packages are designed to present your stallion on three different platforms for maximum effect, and our entire advertising structure has been redesigned for this new approach.

"There are also ad packages for related businesses that don't have stallions but want to reach out to breeding farms: trainers, registries, and products and services of interest to mare owners.

"We are incredibly excited about what this new approach can mean to stallion owners and businesses! Watch for the new website at the beginning of September!"

Contact Anna to find out how you can book your advertising package before promotions begin in October. Call 608-232-2922, or email

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