Friday, October 20, 2017

Featuring Our Single Stallion VIP Ad Package

Do you have one stallion to promote? Is this the year you want to get the best promotional package you can? We recommend our Single Stallion VIP package. This package makes your stallion a VIP on our site, on our Facebook page, and in our email newsletter for breeders.

  • It starts with a Stallion Profile. It's like having a mini-website for your stallion! Easy to set up, with photos, description, embedded video, pedigree and more. Mare owners can email you right from the page.
  • Your stallion's photo is included in the big image slideshow at the top of our website's home page! Displays his name and clicks through to his Stallion Profile.
  • Use our website to tell breeders about your stallion! A key part of your VIP package is that we'll post your news on our front page - plus - your news gets delivered right to breeders in our Warmblood Breeding email newsletter. Share your stallion's successes - whether it's show results, offspring, or other news - six times a year.
  • Your VIP package includes many other benefits, like a web banner, Facebook sharing, a place in our Stallion Gallery, a Stallion Story, and more. Click here for all the benefits.
  • The cost is $1220 for an entire year of benefits.

Click here to purchase a Single Stallion VIP package. (Click the button at the bottom of the table.)

Click here to read about other ad options for single stallions.

Click here to read about our innovative new 3-Way Network, that promotes your stallion or business on three platforms for maximum coverage.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

What Can This Website Do For You?

We like to think this new website is attractive, and we plan to keep it filled with interesting news for the breeding community in North America - but its real purpose is to present a wide array of North American stallions. It's a great site to visit when you're stallion shopping, and we intend to keep making it even better.

And if you have a stallion to promote? We believe there's no better place to put your marketing dollars. That's because with every ad package, your stallion gets a full Stallion Profile, will be on our front page, shared on our Facebook page, and mentioned in our Warmblood Breeding email newsletter. Three platforms that reinforce recognition of your stallion's name and what he offers.

On this website, your stallion will have a wonderful Stallion Profile that is all about him. And we do everything to make sure breeders see it. Everything about this new website is designed to bring mare owners further in, to find out more about each stallion, and to get in touch to learn more. But that's just the beginning. Our ad packages are effective because they combine multiple features.

Which ad package is right for your stallion? It depends on what you want. We have packages for one stallion (Single Stallion packages), farms with more thane one stallion (Farm packages) - and even Business packages if you have no stallion.

Would you like your stallion in the big image slideshow at the top of the page? Look for a VIP package. How about a web banner? A banner is included in all Farm and Business packages and all Single Stallion Gold and VIP packages. Would you like news about your stallion to appear on our front page? Look at Gold and VIP packages.

Ready to look at details? Click here to learn all about our advertising options and what's included.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fundraiser for Kathy St Martin and Jos Mottershead

Most breeders know Kathy St Martin and Jos Mottershead, and all they've done for breeding in North America. Sadly they have been slammed by unexpected medical bills this year. They're not ones to ask for help, but the breeder community has jumped in to help without being asked. A fundraising raffle has been set up, with breedings to 20 stallions (so far) being offered. Such an outpouring of support makes me proud of our stallion owners!

The irony is that Kathy and Jos founded the Leg-Up Equestrian Assistance Program, to help horse people in situations like the one they find themselves in! But it's a 401(c)(3) and it is barred from giving assistance to them. They have helped so many others but they can't benefit from the Program. It's one of the many ways they have given generously to others.

But we can help - go bid! Help out Kathy and Jos and keep your fingers crossed - you might win a breeding!

Link to the FB page:

Link to the info and raffle page: