Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fundraiser for Kathy St Martin and Jos Mottershead

Most breeders know Kathy St Martin and Jos Mottershead, and all they've done for breeding in North America. Sadly they have been slammed by unexpected medical bills this year. They're not ones to ask for help, but the breeder community has jumped in to help without being asked. A fundraising raffle has been set up, with breedings to 20 stallions (so far) being offered. Such an outpouring of support makes me proud of our stallion owners!

The irony is that Kathy and Jos founded the Leg-Up Equestrian Assistance Program, to help horse people in situations like the one they find themselves in! But it's a 401(c)(3) and it is barred from giving assistance to them. They have helped so many others but they can't benefit from the Program. It's one of the many ways they have given generously to others.

But we can help - go bid! Help out Kathy and Jos and keep your fingers crossed - you might win a breeding!

Link to the FB page:

Link to the info and raffle page:

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