Thursday, December 3, 2020 Adds New Ad Benefit

Beginning in December of 2020, Warmblood Stallions of North America has added a new benefit for all VIP and Gold advertisers - paid posts on Facebook for individual stallions. There is no extra cost to advertisers for this new benefit. It is added to the many benefits that VIP and Gold advertisers already enjoy.

The promotions will be posted on the WSNA Facebook page, and boosted to followers of that page and their friends. The followers of WarmbloodStallionsNA include many breeders who are always interested in what stallions are available, especially in North America.

VIP and Gold advertisers will receive a “boosted” ad on Facebook sometime from December through July or August, during breeding and "stallion shopping" season. WSNA already posts one VIP or Gold stallion on FB every day, but the new plan will guarantee a lot more views per stallion. 

Advertisers can also opt, for an additional cost, to increase the dollar amount of the boost or the number of boosted posts. It is a great opportunity to reach an excellent audience with a large percentage of mare owners.

The goal is to bring more viewers to, to help each individual stallion to be seen and known among mare owners, and to increase awareness of all the incredible stallions available in North America.

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